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My husband and I run a busy residential home for the elderly in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. We normally have 20/25 residents and have vast quantities of washing. The ironing was done by the night staff using 2 steam irons and two ironing boards during the night-shift – this taking about 2 hours plus. Since buying the Blanca Press our ironing time has been drastically reduced to less than half the original time.
Mrs Wood, Great Yarmouth

Delighted with the Blanca – can’t imagine how we managed without it! Do absolutely everything on it. Can thoroughly recommend – would be the one thing I would go back for if we had a fire. The extra size of the Blanca does matter, because of it, it’s far quicker.
Mr Raynham-Trowsdale, Whitby

BLANCA PRESS – inherited with hotel – wonderful – would not be without it.
Mrs Waite

Excellent Press. Have BLANCA PRESS and really look forward to ironing day now, whereas before it was a chore.
Ms French, Guest House owner, Skegness

The Blanca Press – absolutely brilliant for mountains of ironing.
Mrs Cleverley, Stanton Drew

Have had a Blanca Press for over 10 years. Using Blanca for cotton sheets and duvets in my B & B. Makes my life much easier, couldn't cope without it.
Mrs Smith, Stratford on Avon

We have been using a Blanca Press in our busy home ironing service for over 8 years. We use it about 6 hours a day and it has proved invaluable particularly for larger items such as trousers and sheets. It saves us an enormous amount of time and effort and has proved very reliable. When we have needed service it has been excellent. I can’t recommend the Blanca Press highly enough to anyone who has bulk ironing to do.
Mrs Grindlay, Oxfordshire

“We use presses as they have proven to be an effective, fast, economic and versatile ironing solution and popular with our staff. The Fastpress and Blanca Press have proved to be very robust and reliable considering the large workload we put through them. Even the best machines need maintenance and when they do Fast Systems have given us excellent service with spares still available for machines we bought many years ago. I highly recommend their presses to anyone considering ironing flatwork and garments for hotels. An added bonus is that linen lasts longer than it would when put through a rotary, hand ironed or sent to the laundry.”
Mr Taplin, Kings Paget Hotel, Harrow